The status for an order can be found on the status field.

createdThe gift has been created.
notifiedNotifications (e.g. email or text) have been sent for this order, if requested. If no notifications are requested, orders will still move to this state without sending notifications.
openedFor gift orders: the recipient has opened a gift.
acceptedFor gift orders: the recipient has accepted the gift. For other orders: the order has been accepted for processing.
pending_paymentThe order is awaiting payment. If a payment method has been specified, it will be processed at this stage.
paidThe order has been paid for and is being prepared for shipment.
shippedThe order has shipped. If the order has multiple shipments, it will enter this state when the first shipment starts moving.
deliveredThe order has been delivered. If the order has multiple shipments, it will enter this state when all shipments have been delivered.
failedThe order has been canceled. This status will show up if you cancel an order using the cancel order endpoint.

Order batches

Order batches are collections of orders. The order batch’s send_status displays the status of the order batch.

pendingFor non-scheduled order batches, the order batch is being processed to create orders for each recipient. For scheduled order batches, the order batch is waiting for the scheduled time to send.
completeThe order batch has been created and all orders have been created for all recipients.

Testing shipped and delivered statuses, and refunds

In the sandbox only, we provide some magic words for testing shipped and delivered orders. When you enter a specific from name, the order will be moved to shipped or delivered after it’s accepted. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Create the order batch with from_name set to [shipped] or [delivered].
  2. Open the gift link and accept the gift.
  3. Shortly after the gift is accepted, the order will move to Shipped or Delivered, depending on the magic word you use.

To test the refund webhook, you can also use the magic word [refunded] by creating an order batch with that from_name. This will cause the order to be refunded after it’s accepted.