You can use Developer Mode on the Goody website to:

  • Find product IDs to add to a create order batch payload
  • Find the ID of digital greeting cards to add to a create order batch payload
  • Obtain a cart payload from the contents of your Goody cart

Enable Developer Mode

  1. Go to your Account menu by clicking the user icon on the top-left of the Goody website, and then click My Account.
  2. Click the API Keys menu item on the account sub-menu.
  3. Under Developer Mode, click Enable developer mode.

Enable developer mode button

Find product IDs

When clicking into a product page with Developer Mode enabled, the Product ID is displayed below the product name.

Product ID on product page

Some products don’t have dedicated product pages. For those products, the product ID is located at the bottom of the brand window.

Find card IDs

Go to the Send page and click the Select card button, which might be Edit card if you’ve already selected a card.

Select card button

Card IDs are displayed below the card image.

Card IDs

Get cart payload

Once you’ve added products to your cart, you can click the bag icon at the top right to open your cart. The JSON cart payload for the items you’ve selected is displayed at the bottom of the cart.