Zapier allows you to connect Goody to more than 5,000+ apps to build automations without code.

Some things you can do with Zapier:

  • Send a gift when a contact is added to a HubSpot list, a new row is added to a Google sheet, or other triggers
  • Set up automatic rules for sending gifts for things like client anniversaries
  • Send a Slack message, add to a spreadsheet, and more when a gift is opened, accepted, shipped, or delivered

Goody provides several triggers and actions that you can use to connect Goody to the other apps you use.

To get started, search for Goody when setting up an app as a trigger or action on Zapier.

Goody + Zapier documentation

Full documentation for Goody’s Zapier app is available on Goody’s help center.

Sending a gift with Zapier

Learn how to send a gift with Goody’s Zapier app.